FAQ - Your trip to the vet

My pet is unwell and I need to visit the vet, is there anything I should bring?

You can help your pet have a stress free visit to the vet by doing a few things. Cats should be placed in a secure cat cage. If you do not have a cat cage ask us about using a loan cage. Dogs should always be placed on a lead before entering the clinic. If you arrive at our carpark and realise you have left your dog's lead at home, just pop in to see our receptionist and we will provide you with a lead. If you are concerned about how your pet may interact with others just let us know before hand and we can arrange for your pet to wait in a private area of our clinic.

If your pet is unwell, please observe them as closely as possible prior to your visit. Take notice of any changes in their behaviour, in appetite, difficulties getting around, odours, excessive drinking or urination, coughing, weight changes, disorientation, new lumps or bumps, excessive scratching, vomiting or diarrhoea.

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