Meet Link

Link is a seven month old Keeshound who came into our clinic recently to be desexed. 

The Keeshound is a dutch breed, a cousin of the Samoyed that is also sometimes called "The Dutch Barge Dog" they were originally breed as a companion and watchdog on barges and boats on the rivers of Holland.  Link on the other hand prefers the simple life, he came into us for a routine desexing.

Routine desexing of a male dog involves a full general anesthetic; Once anesthetized pain killers, anti inflammatory and antibiotics were given and the nurses had to clip some of his beautiful coat away from is privates so the area could be prepared and steralised for theater. Once the Nurses had Link all prepared Dr. Boris was then set to preform the Castration.

In addition to making Link sterile, de-sexing your male dog can reduce the risk of getting cancer or other diseases of the reproductive organs, such as testicular cancer and prostate cancer/disorders in males. It can also assist in making them less prone to wander, fight, and are less likely to get lost or injured. The procedure will also assist in making your dog less likely to suffer from anti-social behaviors.

Link is now nursing three sutures for the next 10 days and has been told by the nurses he is to rest up on the couch and no touching the stitches!