We have a new cat only waiting room

We have had a little bit of a move around at North West Animal Hospital to make way for a new waiting room that is just for cats. 

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8 Halloween Dangers for Your Pet

Halloween is a time to have fun and let your imagination run wild, also to eat yourself sick on chocolate and lollies. It is important that while we are having fun, we remain mindful of our furry family members and keep them safe and out of trouble.

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Is your fur baby up to date with parasite protection?

It is that time of year for Spring cleaning and organising, a great time to add making sure your fur baby is up to date with their parasite treatment into the spring-cleaning schedule.

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Book in for Puppy Preschool

Parasite Campaign

Is your pet parasite protected?

Purchase a parasite treatment for your cat in our clinic before October 27 and you can go into the draw to win a $100 gift card!

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What are pet parasites?

You may often hear and see the term parasites and parasite protection when it comes to your furry family member. The term refers to the pesky critters than can infest your pet if their treatment is not up to date. Get to know the parasites that your pet is at risk from and learn how to properly protect them.

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Frankie finds his forever home

This month at North West Animal Hospital we have had a happy ending to a sad story. One of our clinic clients came across a dear little man, we called Frankie. Frankie is a little Staffy X puppy that was left at a rental property to fend for himself. 

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Fur-baby, it's cold outside!

With the shorter days and multiple layers of clothing, the last thing we want to do when getting home after a long day is go back outside into the cold and most likely wet weather. Our furry family members tend to feel this as well, however for their health, we need to keep them active — physically and mentally. 

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Dental Diseases in Dogs

We know how important it is to ensure our dental health is always cared for at the highest level as we know the dangers of unhealthy teeth and gums. The same goes for our canine companions.  

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Introducing Allison our new Practice Manager

We hope our clinic family is coping with the cooler temperatures and staying warm! We are excited to introduce a new face to our team, with Allison joining us as our new Practice Manager. 

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