Beware of Rat Bait around the home

Rat bait is unfortunately commonly used to control unwanted mice or rats around the perimeter of our properties. These warfarin based products kill the rodents by depleting the Vitamin K properties in its blood which causes the blood to be unable to clot leading to internal bleeding then death within a few days to weeks.

Although the rat bait is effective in killing rodents, it is a slow and painful death for the rodent. Primary rodenticide poisoning usually occurs when our pets and wildlife ingest the rat bait.  On the other hand, these products can also cause secondary rodenticides poisoning to our pets and wild life.  Secondary rodenticides poisoning occurs when a dog or a cat or even an owl eat the carcass of the killed baited rodent.

If you are concerned that your pet may have ingested rat bait or a baited rodent, seeking immediate veterinary help is strongly advised as there is treatment available for rodenticides poisoning.  Early intervention such as safely inducing vomiting can be performed followed by treating with a course of medications to prevent blood clotting issue. Once the medications are completed a blood test (coagulation profile) is advisable to ensure that your pet has healthy blood clotting profile.

Humane rat traps can be purchased from local hardware stores. These traps catch the live rodents who can then be released in unbuilt up areas or brought into your local veterinary clinic for humane euthanasia.