Injured Wildlife

This month we would like to share with our clients some of the work we do behind the scenes with injured wildlife. Members of the public often bring in wildlife and native animals to the clinic. Sometimes they are injured, sometimes they just ended up in the wrong place where they can not seem to get back out or sometimes they are babies and have lost their mum.

The vets here at North West Animal Hospital are always doing their absolute best to asses these animals, work out a plan for them so that they can go to a wildlife carer and hopefully be placed back into the wild when they have recovered. 

It is always helpful if you ever have to bring an injured animal into us to make note of where you have picked it up so that when it is well enough to return, the animal can be placed back in the same area.

A few of our good outcomes recently have been for an injured Blue Tongue Lizard, that was accidentally run over with a lawn mower. Dr Boris took him home for rehabilitation and he made a full recovery. Jaz our trainee vet nurse has adopted a baby wallaby that lost his mum, he has become part of her family.

Only this week we had two very special patients, a Goshawk, which is an endangered species and a Sparrowhawk. 

The Goshawk had a broken leg after being hit by a car. He has gone down to the Bonorong wildlife facility in Hobart for special care and we will follow his progress and hope for a good outcome for this very special bird of prey. 

The Sparrowhawk has gone to a carer and is expected to make a full recovery.