We exclusively offer less invasive transcervical insemination, along with traditional surgical insemination and artificial insemination, and semen freezing and chilling. From trouble conceiving, frozen, chilled, natural or he's just not doing the job, call us and make an appointment.

There are two types of reproduction

Surgical Implantation

  • Using this method the bitch requires a full general anesthetic.
  • During pre surgery the bitch is administered long acting pain killers, anti-inflammatory and antibiotics as the procedure is intra abdominal. 
  • The bitch is given a general anesthetic and a small (approx 5cm) incision is made along the midline just below the belly button.  
  • The uterus is then brought up through the incision revealing both uterine horns.
  • Using a catheter the semen is then injected into each uterine horn.
  • The uterus is then replaced and the midline sutured.
  • Recovery time: Bitches usually need to stay with us overnight and are back to normal within 24hours. Sutures, no bathing or swimming and minimize activity for 10-12 days.

Transcervical Implantation

  • This method utilises specialized equipment and in most cases does not require any anesthetics or sedatives, very rarely a light sedative may be required.
  • The bitch stands on a tailor made table with fastening levels at the chest and waist minimizing ability to move, the bitch also has a tether for the collar to be secured to.
  • The bitch remains secured to the table with someone standing at her head for moral support and an ear scratch when needed.
  • Once steadily in place, a scope (diameter of approximately 1.5cm) is passed into the vaginal tract. The passing of the scope is viewed by television screen, once the cervix is located on the viewing screen a specialized catheter is passed the through the length of the scope into the narrow opening of the cervix into the uterus.
  • Once the catheter is passed into the uterus the semen is then injected slowly through the catheter. (Using this method the semen is also deposited directly into the uterus itself)
  • The catheter and scope are then gently removed and the procedure is complete.
  • Recovery time: Nil unless sedation is required.